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The Insulation Investment

The Insulation Investment

An EPC also includes information on what the energy efficiency rating could be if you made the recommended improvements and highlights cost effective ways to achieve a better rating. Even if you rent your home, you could still implement some improvements noted on the EPC, such as switching to more energy efficient light bulbs. Energy Performance Certificates were introduced in England and Wales in 2007 and are a legal requirement for a building to be sold, let or constructed. Once obtained, an EPC is valid for 10 years. New insulation, or insulation corrections can instantly improve the efficiency of your homes energy usage, and can save you money, potentially decreasing your spending standard.


While in most cases there is an upfront cost for insulation, the payback period can be relatively short. Most homeowners will notice a decrease in energy bills straight away. Insulation keeps the indoor temperature consistent throughout the year, whether you’re heating the indoor space during the winter, or cooling the air during the summer. As heat takes longer to transfer through insulation, your heating system won’t need to work as hard or as often to maintain the temperature. This means you’ll use less energy to reach the desired indoor temperature even on really cold days. At the end of the month when you receive your energy bills, you’ should notice a decrease in the amount you need to spend to keep warm and comfortable. The money you save on your utility bills will eventually offset the cost of insulation, in most cases in a relatively short period of time. However, you can’t place a price on you and your family’s health.


An uninsulated or poorly insulated home is at risk of damage from moisture and condensation. When the surface temperature of a wall or roof (or really any surface) reaches or dips below the dew point of the air, condensation will form. Condensation may form on the surface, or it may form inside of the building component itself, also known as interstitial condensation. This type of condensation is hard to detect as it occurs inside of the wall, roof or floor, and may not present any symptoms at the surface level for a long period of time. Any form of condensation runs the risk of causing permanent damage to the structure of a home. Condensation may cause mould growth, leading to respiratory problems and poor indoor air quality, or it may lead to rot which can affect the structural integrity of the home itself. Condensation, whether surface or interstitial, should be avoided when at all possible.

Additional Extras
Free Thermal camera survey

Thermal imaging surveys utilise thermal imaging cameras to showcase the surface temperatures around your property in order to identify thermal changes that indicate possible defects that require resolution. Thermographic surveys can identify potential problems long before lasting damage is caused. This is the only non-intrusive way to locate missing insulation and thermal bridges within the fabric of a buildng.
Damp Survey

A Damp Survey is a detailed look into a property which has shown potential damp problems. Damp is a common issue, and if left untreated, can cause some costly damage. Following an external inspection, an internal survey will be carried out, this could be a general inspection, or be restricted to a specific area where a problem is located.

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Insulate your conservatory

Transform your existing conservatory to the talking point of your home. We will regulate the temperature with a thermal barrier to keep your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Our conservatory roof insulation solutions has been carefully designed to bring you the best aesthetics combined with the greatest functionality.

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Renewable Energy

Solar power can help reduce CO2 emissions mainly by being a clean and renewable source of energy. It’s shown that of energy production methods including coal, gas, oil that renewable energy such as PV solar and wind energy have a far lesser carbon footprint. Solar power is not dependent on burning fossil fuels or other products.

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